Monday, 29 April 2013


What is love? 

Is it when two people want to spend each and every moment in each others company? 

Or is it when one wants to share everything in ones life with the partner? 

Or is it when all your thoughts, dreams and actions are focused on one person??

Or is it when I see all my happiness in my partner ?

Or is it when I think that other person is in this earth just for me ?

Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Respect means "Right Evaluation" to be evaluated as I am.  Usually however, we make mistakes in our evaluation in the following three ways.

Over Evaluation  --- To evaluate more than what it is.

  i.e. if you are wrongly flattered you feel uncomfortable.

Under Evaluation ---    To evaluate less than what it is.

 i.e. if you are condemned, you feel uncomfortable.

Otherwise Evaluation  --  To evaluate otherwise than what it is

e.g. If you are evaluated as something else, you feel uncomfortable. 

Example of over evaluation:  You are sitting at home and there are guests around. Your father says 'my son is the greatest scholar in India!" Check for yourself: do you feel comfortable, or do you feel  uncomfortable ?

 Example of under evaluation:
 You are still at home. but this time your father says 'My son is good for nothing. He must be the laziest person in all of India. You obviously feel uncomfortable, you don't find this  acceptable.

Example of otherwise evaluation.
You are at home, and there are guests around, and your father says, 'You donkey! Can't you even understand this much ? You feel offended by this. This is evaluating you otherwise, as you a human being and not something else.

What is happening in the above examples ? We can see that any kind of over, under or otherwise evaluation makes us uncomfortable, we find it unacceptable. We feel 'disrespected'. We say we have been disrespected, when we are wrongly evaluated.